Municipal Company Čakom Enriched the Fleet

Published: 29.11.2023

The company Tehnix today delivered and handed over a special utility vehicle lifter for transporting containers. The delivery was made to the utility company GKP Čakom from Čakovec, which enriched its utility vehicle fleet with one more modern vehicle.

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Delivery to Čazma

Published: 23.11.2023

The utility company Komunalije Čazma acquired a special utility vehicle TEHNIX EKOMUNAL with an upgrade capacity of 16 m3 for waste collection. Modern technology for beautiful and clean Čazma.

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Visit of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Published: 15.11.2023

The company Tehnix welcomed the highest delegation of the Croatian Academy of Engineering. The reason for the professional visit was the previous excellent cooperation on the development project of the TEHNIX plant for bioreactor composting, which has been successfully implemented in practice and creates benefits in the field of composting in the Republic of Croatia…

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Delivery for Komunalno Zabok

Published: 02.11.2023

The company Tehnix delivered and handed over the special utility vehicle TEHNIX EKOMUNAL with an upgrade capacity of 10 m3. The vehicle is intended for the utility company Komunalno Zabok for the collection and transport of municipal waste in Zabok and its surroundings.

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Business-Sanitary Modular Complex for Vela Luka

Published: 30.10.2023

Recently, the company Tehnix completed the delivery and assembly of the business-sanitary container modul for the needs of the port service of Vela Luka. It is a modular architecture adapted to the external environment and the needs of users, which integrates an office, a waiting room, a point of sale and sanitary facilities. The modular…

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Recognition for Contribution to Innovation

Published: 12.10.2023

The company Tehnix continued its tradition of exhibiting at the ARCA International Innovation Exhibition in Zagreb. As part of the opening ceremony of the 21st ARCA, the directors of the company Tehnix received a posthumous award for Mr. Đuro Horvat for his contribution to innovation in the Republic of Croatia. Mr. Đuro Horvat was the…

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Donation for Radio Club Međimurje

Published: 20.09.2023

Radio Club Međimurje was founded in 1946 and as such is one of the oldest clubs in our area. Radio club Međimurje operates in three separate locations: Čakovec, Mursko Središće and Grabovnik, in three sections, transceiver, radio amateur goniometry and code club, the club achieves excellent results every year at domestic and international radio amateur…

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Published: 20.09.2023

The company Tehnix continues its autumn activities with an exhibition of its special utility vehicles of the new generation TEHNIX EKOMUNAL as well as press techniques at the open days of the company Konnex from Slovakia. The company Tehnix and the company Konnex from Trnava cooperate on strengthening the sustainable management of municipal waste in…

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Delivery for Lipovljani

Published: 23.08.2023

Today, the company Tehnix delivered and handed over a special utility vehicle for waste collection, type TEHNIX EKOMUNAL, with an upgrade capacity of 16 m3. The delivery was made to the utility company Lipkom servisi d.o.o. Quality and permanent functionality for greener Lipovljani and sustainable waste management.

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