Ceremonially opened and put into trial operation of the Herešin Composting Plant – the most modern composting plant in Croatia

Today, the company Tehnix, led by the President Mr. Đuro Horvat and his associates, attended the grand opening and commissioning of the Herešin Composting Plant, managed by the Komunalac Koprivnica company, which has become a composting plant with the most modern composting system in Croatia. The project of modernization and expansion of the existing composting plant is worth HRK 14.3 million, of which HRK 4.5 million is co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund. The capacity of the composting plant is 9000 tons per year, and the company Tehnix from the very beginning participated in the realization of the project of building a new composting plant in Herešin. In the halls that have three ships with a total area of ​​4800 square meters, compost will be produced in controlled conditions for a period of six to eight weeks, and so far it has been produced for a period of six months. The most modern technology developed in the company Tehnix together with the Academy of Technical Sciences and experts in the Republic of Croatia will also be applied. We have developed a new technology in which we will produce quality compost in five technological steps. It is an innovation in Europe and around the world.