Croatian Caritas in the Company Tehnix

The company Tehnix had the great honor to welcome a high delegation of Croatian Caritas on 22nd March this year related to the completion of a significant project of modular housing units for the needs of the areas affected by the earthquake in Glina, Petrinja and Sisak. The entire project is based on the donation of 200 housing modules by Croatian Caritas to earthquake affected families. The company Tehnix was visited by Msgr. Fabijan Svalina, director of Croatian Caritas, Bishop of the Diocese of Varaždin, Msgr. Bože Radoš, Msgr. Josip Mrzljak and Secretary Rev. Marko Domiter. On behalf of Tehnix, the delegation was welcomed by the President of the company Mr. Đuro Horvat, Deputy Mr. Željko Horvat and Head of Finance Mr. Ivan Vadas.