Lider Invest – The Award for the Best Investments in Croatia

On 23rd of October 2019 in the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, Tehnix won ECO Lider Invest award for the investment that has contributed most to the sustainable development and quality of life of citizens and the protection of space and the environment. Namely, it is the largest investment built in 2018 worth 130 million HRK. It is the eighth hall of special construction and high technological equipment, together with exhibition and business premises, which makes a total space of 10,000 m². The production facility is equipped with 4 cranes, modern built-in technological equipment enables a high standard of work of engineers and employees with whom we achieve high productivity. The new factory is equipped with a solar system on the roof which produces sufficient electricity for own drive power. Innovative and developmental capacities enable a high standard of all employees who produce quality products for export with their skill and motivation.