Komunalijada Celje

Published: 10.06.2022

Tehnix is the silver sponsor of the meeting of Slovenian utility companies, which will be held in Celje on 10th and 11th June 2022. In addition to participating in professional consultations, the company Tehnix exhibits its innovative products in the outdoor exhibition space and presents modern special municipal vehicles EKOMUNAL as well as sustainable technologies…

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Sorting Plant Novalja

Published: 10.06.2022

Yesterday in Novalja, the Deputy President of Tehnix, Mr. Željko Horvat, attended the grand opening of Tehnix’s plant for sorting separately collected waste paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and other materials. The sorting plant, along with the mayor Ivan Dabo and the director of the company Arburoža d.o.o. Ivica Peranić, opened by the Director of the…

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Successfully completed IFAT Fair 2022

Published: 06.06.2022

As previously announced, Tehnix has exhibited and successfully completed the IFAT 2022 trade fair in Munich. Attendance at the stand was very high as well as interest in new technologies and products. Moreover, during the five days of the fair, the Tehnix stand was visited by more than 2,000 partners, friends, visitors, countries and cities,…

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Published: 30.05.2022

After a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tehnix is once again exhibiting at IFAT in Munich and is ready to welcome its business partners and guests with lots of new innovations and technological solutions. Visit us and become a partner of TEHNIX.

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Delivery to Požarevac

Published: 24.05.2022

Today, the company Tehnix delivered special equipment for the upgrade of the sorting plant in Požarevac. It is about upgrading the reception zone of the municipal waste sorting line for JKP Komunalno Požarevac due to the expansion of the capacity of the center for collection and separation of municipal waste with the Požarevac reloading station.

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International Conference on Environmental Protection Poreč

Published: 18.05.2022

These days, the company Tehnix, as the main sponsor, is participating in the International Conference on Environmental Protection, which is being held in Poreč, organized by Business Media Croatia, the magazine Tehnoeko. The CEO of Tehnix, Mr. Đuro Horvat, held a presentation on innovative technologies for waste recycling as a system of integrated plants for…

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Agro Arca 2022

Published: 16.05.2022

This year, Tehnix participated in the 13th International Fair of Innovations in Agriculture, Food Industry and Agricultural Mechanization, which was held from 13-15 May 2022 in Prelog. As part of the exhibition, Tehnix was awarded the Gold Medal for a group of products, and the Community of Technical Culture of Međimurje County, the Association of…

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Two New Vehicles EKOMUNAL for Čakom

Published: 09.05.2022

Today, in the company Tehnix, the ceremonial signing of the contract on the procurement of two municipal vehicles for waste collection TEHNIX EKOMUNAL with a capacity of 16 m3 was held. The solemn ceremony was attended by the CEO of Tehnix Mr. Đuro Horvat and the Director of the utility company GKP Čakom Čakovec Mr….

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Published: 06.05.2022

Tehnix was visited by the Association of Utility Companies of Bosnia and Herzegowina. The delegation consisted of directors of utility companies, and the goal of this expert visit was to get acquainted with the new innovative technologies of Tehnix. There is a great interest and need to improve the management of municipal waste in Bosnia…

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Delivery for Novokom

Published: 22.04.2022

Today, the utility company Novokom in Novi Marof received two new special utility vehicles. These are the municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX 16 m3 for separate waste collection and the municipal vehicle for separate waste collection with a crane  7.5 m3. Municipal vehicles were presented and handed over to the director of the Novokom utility company,…

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