Opening of WWTP on Hotiza

Published: 20.04.2022

Today, the grand opening of the wastewater treatment plant was organized at the Hotiza of the investors of the Municipality of Lendava. The opening ceremony was attended by the CEO of Tehnix Mr. Đuro Horvat, the Mayor of Lendava Mr. Janez Magyar and the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Mag. Andrej Vizjak. The investment,…

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Equipping the Promenade St. Barbara

Published: 13.04.2022

Today, a contract was signed for the purchase of a prefabricated sanitary facility (male, female and for people with disabilities) for the installation on the Promenade of St. Barbara in Mursko Središće. The project contributes to the protection of the natural landscape along the Mura River as well as water protection. The signing ceremony was…

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Completed Project for the Construction of the Mihačeva Draga Sorting Plant

Published: 31.03.2022

Yesterday, the final conference held at the City Hall of the City of Rijeka marked the completion of works on the construction of a plant for sorting separately collected waste (sorting plant) at the Mihačeva Draga location. This is the first plant for sorting separately collected waste in Croatia, which will enable greater efficiency and…

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Sorting Plant in Pirot

Published: 23.03.2022

Today, the company Tehnix successfully handed over the sorting plant in Pirot. Mr. Nebojša Ivanov, the director of the utility company Deponija, and Mr. Dušan Grkinić, the director of the subsidiary Tehnix beo in Belgrade, were present at the handover ceremony. The project was won in an international tender where the Tehnix offer was selected…

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Canopy for Photovoltaic Panels

Published: 19.03.2022

These days, the company Tehnix has completed the delivery and installation of a canopy for photovoltaic models for the utility company Ponikve eko otok Krk. The construction and installation of the canopy was procured as a part of the project for the procurement of a photovoltaic system with electricity storage and charging stations for electric…

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Treskavac Got a New Press

Published: 18.03.2022

The company Tehnix replaced the old press in the recycling yard Treskavac on the island of Krk. The case was won through a public tender published by the utility company Ponikve eko otok Krk. The existing press was replaced with a new automatic baler type Tehnix APB-90T.

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Published: 14.03.2022

Today, a two-chamber municipal vehicle was handed over for the collection of useful fractions of municipal waste with a volume of 16 m3 to the municipal company Komunalac Glina d.o.o. The delivery was made by the sales manager of Tehnix, Mr. Vladimir Balent.

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Delivery to Komunalno Zabok

Published: 14.03.2022

On Friday (March 11, 2022), the company Tehnix delivered a special utility vehicle for Komunalno Zabok. It is a container lifter with rear stabilizers. Delivery and presentation was made by the manager of Tehnix Mr. Vladimir Balent, and the vehicle was handed over to the director of the utility company Mr. Rajko Turk.

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Gymnasium Čakovec visited the company Tehnix

Published: 07.03.2022

On 4th of March 2022, as part of the Erasmus + project Genaeration of Sustainbility, Tehnix was visited by professors and students from the Josip Slavenski High School in Čakovec with students and professors from partner schools. Namely, this is a project that deals with sustainable development, and in which, in addition to the Josip…

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Krakom Krapina Got a New Vehicle

Published: 01.03.2022

Yesterday, the company Tehnix delivered a new municipal vehicle for the collection of municipal waste TEHNIX EKOMUNAL with a capacity of 10 m3. The delivery was made by the manager Mr. Vladimir Balent to the director of the utility company Krakom Krapina Mrs. Katarina Posilović.

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