The representatives of CCC and CEA visited the company Tehnix

On 17th of February 2020, Tehnix was visited by the President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Luka Burilović and the Director of the Croatian Employers Association, Mr. Davor Majetić. The purpose of the visit was to get to know the local eco industry as well as present modern technologies for sustainable management of municipal waste and the industry for the production of special municipal vehicles EKOMUNAL in cooperation with Mercedes. Also, one of the topics was difficulties in public procurement and the sluggishness of the system in innovating the current tendered projects, as well as the problems of copying projects and solutions from outside, which are not applicable in the Republic of Croatia, especially not in smaller environments. In conclusion, the guests were impressed with the achievements and innovation and leadership of Tehnix and its products and expressed their absolute support for the further development and cooperation in the mentioned areas, in order to achieve national interests.