Bag opener

Municipal waste is thrown into household garbage bags or boxes. The waste needs to be released from the garbage bag and the box so that it can be sorted further.

The process of opening the bags is done in the bag opener device, with the sets of two knives.

The first set of knives is on the rotor and is powered by an electric motor that can be used to change the speed of rotation. Another set of knives, the so-called comb is fixed and secured to the back of the machine. All knives are fastened with screws so that they can be easily maintained and replaced.

In order to protect the machine from overloading, it has a built-in hydraulic system that opens and passes waste if the force rises above the critical level. After the machine releases excess material, the system automatically closes with the spring and the unit resumes and continues operating normally. This ensures safe and durable operating of the device.

Since the dust particles that pollute the air are released in process of opening the bag, there is a ventilation connector at the top of the machine that allows the vent to connect to the suction filter where the contaminated air is being filtered.

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Technical specification

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2500 x 2000 x 3120
Engine power kW 11
Efficiency of opening the bag % 95