Sorting Plant Metković Was Built and Equipped

Yesterday, the final conference of the project ‘Construction and equipping of a plant for sorting separately collected waste in Metković’ was held in the gallery of the City Cultural Center, followed by a tour of the sorting plant itself, which is located in Dubravica. The equipment of the Tehnix sorting plant was manufactured, delivered and assembled completely by the company Tehnix, while the construction works were performed by the company Capital Engineering. It is the first sorting plant in Dalmatia that the City of Metković built with the help of European funds, and it was also one of the first cities in Croatia to secure EU funds for this project. The sorting plant is part of the infrastructure in the system of sustainable waste management, and is intended for sorting, mechanical processing and temporary storage of separately collected municipal waste. The sorting plant will collect paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and glass, which will be separated from impurities and separated into fractions by processing, and then sold as useful raw materials. Apart from the town of Metković, the sorting plant will be used by the town of Opuzen and the municipalities of Kula Norinska and Pojezerje. This project is of great importance for the City of Metković, the Neretva Valley and the entire Dubrovnik-Neretva County, and represents an important part of the sustainable waste management system itself.