Sorting Plant Ogulin

Today, the City of Ogulin held the final conference for the project “Investment in a plant for sorting separately collected waste (sorting plant) of the city of Ogulin”. The construction and equipping of the sorting plant started last year at this time and, in accordance with the concluded contracts for the construction and equipping, was completed on time, with high quality and permanent functionality. The construction was done by Montel together with Tehnix, while Tehnix was in charge of equipping the technology of sustainable municipal waste management with its experts who presented the technology at this conference, but also presented the operation of the sorting plant and the benefits that will the city of Ogulin has from sorting municipal waste which is a great economic resource. The built waste sorting plant of the City of Ogulin is one more example that with joint efforts and domestic quality innovative technology, enviable results can be achieved in the field of waste management in a green, sustainable way.