The CEO of Tehnix, Mr. Đuro Horvat, received the Lifetime Achievement Award

The Municipality of Donji Kraljevec celebrates its Day on 7th of May, in memory of the first constituent session of the local Municipal Council. On that occasion, a solemn session was held at which municipal awards were presented. The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mr. Đuro Horvat, CEO of Tehnix, for his special contribution to the development of the economy.


Mr. Đuro Horvat was born in Draškovec in 1943, he is a businessman and innovator, founder and owner of the company “Tehnix”. He has a degree in economics. Until the founding of the company “Tehnix” for twenty-five years he was the production manager at the factory “Rade Končar” in Donji Kraljevec. From 1991 until today, “Tehnix” has developed into a leading eco-industry in Europe and the world in the field of design, production and servicing of machines, equipment and technologies for environmental protection and waste management. As a businessman, entrepreneur, innovator and inventor, Mr. Horvat has received a number of awards and recognitions for his innovative work and activities in the field of environmental protection.

In 2016, Đuro Horvat was named Entrepreneur of the Year in Croatia. Immediately afterwards, he was chosen as the best businessman in Europe and was shortlisted for the 4 best EY entrepreneurs in the world. The final selection was held in Monaco in June 2016. Representatives from fifty countries were in the nomination. It was a great success that the Međimurje-based Croatian company “Tehnix” was ranked among the top four together with representatives from Germany, Australia and the USA. Among the nominated international companies, only “Tehnix” was in the field of environmental protection.

The economic rise of “Tehnix” is originally connected with Mr. Đuro Horvat, owner, innovator of the company “Tehnix”. However, he always proudly points out that the strength and success of the company is due to more than five hundred employees who are well paid for their work in the company. Đuro Horvat, as the director of the company, introduced moral capitalism into the company, reconciling private interest and the public good. He said: “Many say that moral capitalists are ‘ordinary demagogues’ and ‘fog sellers’, etc., but I do not agree with that.” On the contrary, I am convinced that each of us, in any place, can greatly encourage the growth of the common good and the state of society with his socially responsible behavior and personal contribution. From an entrepreneurial point of view, I recommend moral capitalism to anyone who cares about the concept of long-term sustainable development. ”We can say that Mr. Horvat’s approach to human resources is more than correct and fair, because today, when everyone lacks quality and professional employees, he has no problems. Employees of all professions and education compete to work and earn “their bread” in the company “Tehnix”. And it is not easy to get such a good reputation in Croatia today.

Đuro Horvat helps his employees in all the everyday problems they have, that is, he meets them in all family celebrations that they can organize in his hotel “Kralj” with many benefits in payment. He also helps his employees with the financing of the municipal board. In its Municipality of Donji Kraljevec, the company “Tehnix” co-financed the construction of a kindergarten so that its employees could have safe accommodation and organized stay for their children and thus be able to concentrate only on the work tasks they perform in the company. As far as we can see, the company “Tehnix” takes care of its employees and their families at every step. Also, the company Tehnix built a sports hall in Draškovec and thus contributed to the development of sports and cultural life of the residents of Draškovec and surrounding villages.

Today, Tehnix manufactures equipment for responsible waste management as a resource that does not suffer from disposal. Waste should be collected separately at the place of origin.

The way Đuro Horvat, the team of his chosen people and the company “Tehnix” with five hundred satisfied employees works is a guarantee that the awards for innovation, as well as for business, will continue to come regularly to Donji Kraljevec. This year, the company “Tehnix” celebrates 30 years of existence and is making progress every day in waste management and preservation of the human environment.