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The company Tehnix is the leading eco-industry in the world. The Tehnix's business goal is to develop and produce the best technology for achieving sustainable development and circular economy. We have developed and produced more than 300 devices and equipment for environmental protection, for which we have received hundreds of world awards and medals. We have developed the best MO-BO-TO waste recycling technology. By applying our technology, municipal waste becomes an economic resource. Through industrial recycling of mixed communal waste we get 8 types of raw materials, produce eco compost and RDF fuel. Together with you we want to develop industrial recycling of municipal waste in your city, municipality or county. This will contribute to stopping climate changes of the planet Earth. The MO-BO-TO is the technology of the future for achieving circular economy and sustainable development.  


Tehnix debaler plant

Published: 11.11.2019

Tehnix is ​​proud to present the HERACLES-Milaki cement plant, a member of the LAFARGE-HOLCIM Group, with the installation of the TEHNIX facility for debaling RDF bales intended for incineration as an alternative fuel for cement production.  

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ARCA 2019

Published: 25.10.2019

Tehnix won the GOLDEN MEDAL at the 17th ARCA International Exhibition for Innovative MO-BO-TO Technology which achieves the goals of a Circular Economy.

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SASO Fair 2019.

Published: 24.10.2019

Tehnix has enriched its successful and very active autumn with a traditional exhibition at the 23rd SASO International Fair in Split from 23-26 October 2019. SASO is the most significant trade fair for the construction, wood and metal industries, tools and equipment, electrical engineering, energy and telecommunications, as well as crafts and small businesses. The…

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Lider Invest – The Award for the Best Investments in Croatia

Published: 24.10.2019

On 23rd of October 2019 in the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, Tehnix won ECO Lider Invest award for the investment that has contributed most to the sustainable development and quality of life of citizens and the protection of space and the environment. Namely, it is the largest investment built in 2018 worth 130 million HRK….

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4th Economic Council Meeting of the Croatian Academy of Engineering in Tehnix

Published: 16.10.2019

Tehnix hosted the members of the Economic Council of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, where on 4th of October 2019 a session of the Economic Council was held, presenting guidelines for the development of equipment for the treatment of biodegradable municipal waste, the new MO-BO-TO technology for sustainable municipal waste management and new EU guidelines…

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Delivery for Komunalac Bjelovar

Published: 30.09.2019

The active and very successful autumn for Tehnix continues with the delivery of the EKOMUNAL municipal vehicle with a capacity of 16 m3 for the Utility Company Komunalac d.o.o. Bjelovar. The project won through a public tender was successfully completed by today’s handover to the representatives of Komunalac Bjelovar.

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