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The company Tehnix is the leading eco-industry in the world. The Tehnix's business goal is to develop and produce the best technology for achieving sustainable development and circular economy. We have developed and produced more than 300 devices and equipment for environmental protection, for which we have received hundreds of world awards and medals. We have developed the best MO-BO-TO waste recycling technology. By applying our technology, municipal waste becomes an economic resource. Through industrial recycling of mixed communal waste we get 8 types of raw materials, produce eco compost and RDF fuel. Together with you we want to develop industrial recycling of municipal waste in your city, municipality or county. This will contribute to stopping climate changes of the planet Earth. The MO-BO-TO is the technology of the future for achieving circular economy and sustainable development.  


Tehnix Vehicles in Slovakia

Published: 06.06.2023

The company Tehnix started a quality business cooperation on the Slovakian market. The first delivery of the special utility vehicle TEHNIX EKOMUNAL with the upgrade capacity of 5 m3 was made with the company – partner Konnex from Slovakia. A quality product and permanent functionality guarantee success and customer satisfaction.

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Tehnix Modular Solutions

Published: 02.06.2023

Tehnix modular solutions are high-quality solutions in the industry for housing the workforce, but also for IT equipment, laboratories, warehouses, etc. Tehnix offers a complete service, from design, consulting to production and installation in the field with a “turnkey” system. High quality and beautiful design are key characteristics of Tehnix modular assemblies that fit into…

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Tehnix Delivered a Vehicle for Ilirska Bistrica

Published: 01.06.2023

The company Tehnix today delivered a special utility vehicle Ekomunal with a capacity of 12 m3 to the utility company Komunala Ilirska Bistrica. The handover and operator training for driving the vehicle was carried out.

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Delivery to CEROP

Published: 31.05.2023

Last week, the company Tehnix delivered a utility vehicle with low emissions for the collection and transport of municipal waste to the utility company CEROP Slovenia. As can be seen from the inscription on the vehicle itself, waste is not garbage but treasure from a green mine.

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Visit of Elementary School Mala Subotica

Published: 25.05.2023

In the Erasmus+ project Deplastify the Planet, Elementary School Tomaš Goričanec Mala Subotica hosted students and teachers from partner schools from Austria, Aruba, Portugal, Spain and Belgium. As part of the project, students and teachers visited the Tehnix company, where they learned about the modern way of managing municipal waste, meet our region and was…

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Ivanovec Elementary School visited Tehnix

Published: 25.05.2023

The Tehnix company was visited by students and teachers of the Ivanovec Elementary School as part of the Ecological Footprint project. By visiting the Tehnix company, they received valuable information about eco-production and sustainable management of municipal waste, which certainly leaves an ecological mark on our Planet with the aim of preserving natural beauty.

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