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The company Tehnix is the leading eco-industry in the world. The Tehnix's business goal is to develop and produce the best technology for achieving sustainable development and circular economy. We have developed and produced more than 300 devices and equipment for environmental protection, for which we have received hundreds of world awards and medals. We have developed the best MO-BO-TO waste recycling technology. By applying our technology, municipal waste becomes an economic resource. Through industrial recycling of mixed communal waste we get 8 types of raw materials, produce eco compost and RDF fuel. Together with you we want to develop industrial recycling of municipal waste in your city, municipality or county. This will contribute to stopping climate changes of the planet Earth. The MO-BO-TO is the technology of the future for achieving circular economy and sustainable development.  


Eko-park d.o.o. Lendava

Published: 17.09.2021

Today, at the fair in Celje, the company Tehnix held a ceremonial signing of the contract with the utility company Eko-park d.o.o. Lendava on the procurement of a municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX with a capacity of 14 m3. The case was won in an international public procurement procedure and was selected as the most favorable…

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Ponikve eko otok Krk and Ogulin

Published: 16.09.2021

Utility company Ponikve eko otok Krk d.o.o. in the service of environmental protection of the island of Krk as the cleanest part of the Republic of Croatia, as well as Stambeno komunalno gospodarstvo d.o.o. for city of Ogulin and surroundings. The company Tehnix is proud to publish a video with the presentation of the municipal…

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Published: 15.09.2021

This autumn, the Tehnix company continues its tradition and exhibits at the 53rd MOS Technology Fair in Celje. From its wide range of products, in the outdoor open space ZP4 you can participate in the presentation of the best products and technologies: municipal waste recycling centers MO-BO-TO capacity 5,10,15,20, 40, 80 t / h, technologies…

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UPOV Brestača and Nova Subocka

Published: 06.09.2021

At the beginning of July this year, the company Tehnix put into operation a wastewater treatment plant, biorotor type TEHNIX BRT – 2000 ES as part of the project DRAINAGE AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT OF THE SETTLEMENT OF BRESTAČA AND NOVA SUBOCKA FOR THE TOWN OF NOVSKA. On 3rd September 2021, a technical inspection was performed…

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Kindergarten “Bistrac” Ogulin

Published: 01.09.2021

The company Tehnix, together with the company Montel, has signed and taken over the contract for the construction of a social purpose building – a kindergarten in Ogulin. Yesterday, the grand opening of the object was held, which by its design and technical and construction characteristics is one of the most modern kindergartens of the…

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Imotski Purchased a New Municipal Vehicle

Published: 31.08.2021

In the first half of July this year, the utility company of the city of Imotski signed a contract for the purchase of a special utility vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX with a capacity of 16 m3. Today, the handover ceremony was performed by the manager of the company Tehnix, Mr. Vladimir Balent, who handed over the…

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