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The company Tehnix is the leading eco-industry in the world. The Tehnix's business goal is to develop and produce the best technology for achieving sustainable development and circular economy. We have developed and produced more than 300 devices and equipment for environmental protection, for which we have received hundreds of world awards and medals. We have developed the best MO-BO-TO waste recycling technology. By applying our technology, municipal waste becomes an economic resource. Through industrial recycling of mixed communal waste we get 8 types of raw materials, produce eco compost and RDF fuel. Together with you we want to develop industrial recycling of municipal waste in your city, municipality or county. This will contribute to stopping climate changes of the planet Earth. The MO-BO-TO is the technology of the future for achieving circular economy and sustainable development.  


Delivery to Vrgorac

Published: 23.07.2021

The company Tehnix continues with a successful series of deliveries of two utility vehicles for the utility company Gradska Čistoća Vrgorac d.o.o. Two municipal vehicles for separate waste collection with a capacity of 5 m3 and 16 m3 were delivered. The handover and presentation was made to the director of Gradska Čistoća Vrgorac, Mr. Toni…

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Construction of sorting plant Mihačeva Draga

Published: 22.07.2021

Tehnix d.o.o. as the leading member of the consortium Tehnix – GP Krk signed on 12th February 2021 the Contract for the construction and equipment of a plant for sorting separately collected waste (sorting plant) in Mihačeva Draga. The contracted plant is being built on a total area of 5,636 m2, and includes the construction…

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For Greener Lipovljani

Published: 22.07.2021

Today, the company Tehnix performed the official handover and presentation of the special municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX with a capacity of 7.5 m3. The delivery was made to the utility company Lipkom servisi d.o.o. as part of an open public procurement procedure for the procurement of a municipal vehicle for separate waste collection. The handover…

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Municipal vehicle for Čistoća Varaždin

Published: 15.07.2021

The company Tehnix produced, delivered and presented the municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX with a capacity of 22 m3 for Čistoća Varaždin. It is a special three-axle municipal vehicle for the removal and compaction of municipal waste with a crane, intended for the manipulation of all types of municipal containers, including underground and aboveground waste containers….

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Ceremonially opened and put into trial operation of the Herešin Composting Plant – the most modern composting plant in Croatia

Published: 14.07.2021

Today, the company Tehnix, led by the President Mr. Đuro Horvat and his associates, attended the grand opening and commissioning of the Herešin Composting Plant, managed by the Komunalac Koprivnica company, which has become a composting plant with the most modern composting system in Croatia. The project of modernization and expansion of the existing composting…

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Delivery to Valpovo

Published: 13.07.2021

Today, the company Tehnix performed the ceremonial handover of a special two-chamber municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL TEHNIX with a capacity of 16 m3 for Urbanizam Valpovo. The handover was carried out in the presence of the director of the utility company Urbanizam d.o.o. Vaplovo Mr. Bojan Pavošević, Deputy President of Tehnix Mr. Željko Horvat and associates….

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