Container set for foreign buyer

Published: 29.07.2019

Delivery and installation of a modular container set for a Western European customer on a “turnkey system”. Tehnix modular container set can be used as: offices, schools, restaurants, kindergartens …  

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Delivery for Zelenjak d.o.o. Utility Company

Published: 25.07.2019

The company Tehnix has successfully completed the delivery and takingover of a special utility vehicle EKOMUNAL with an upgrade capacity of 10 m3 for Utility Company Zelenjak d.o.o. Such a great investment for a pleasant summer and green nature.

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Business forum Albania – Croatia in Tirana

Published: 19.07.2019

The company Tehnix, led by CEO Mr. Đuro Horvat, took part in the delegation of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, led by the Minister of the Economy, Mr. Darko Horvat, at the Economic Forum in Tirana. The present Albanian businessmen and municipal utility companies expressed great interest in Tehnix technology, especially in the…

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Mobile recycling yard

Published: 11.07.2019

Another mobile recycling yard ready for delivery. In this case it is our international buyer ALBA.

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KJKP “RAD” Sarajevo

Published: 09.07.2019

On 8th of July 2019, the company Tehnix successfully delivered and took over 3 special utility vehicles EKOMUNAL to the municipal company Rad Sarajevo. The project was obtained through an International Open Public Procurement Procedure with the most economically advantageous bid. Utility vehicles capacity is 10 m3 and 16 m3 with crane. At the event…

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Recycling yards Retfala and Gornji Grad in Osijek

Published: 08.07.2019

Another in a series of successful deliveries of recycling yards for Slavonia. Recycling yard is a supervised space designed for separate collection and temporary storage of smaller quantities of special types of waste. In this case, we have equipped two newly opened recycling yards in Osijek: Retfala and Gornji Grad.

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Delivery of APB-30 to Dundovo d.o.o. Rab

Published: 03.07.2019

The company Tehnix has completed the installation and commissioning of the APB-30 Tehnix – automatic baling press with a capacity of trust 30 tons for the municipal company Dundovo d.o.o. on the island of Rab. Everything is ready for the start of the tourist season and a sustainable tourism industry.

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Delivery to Vukovar

Published: 28.06.2019

Today, the company Tehnix has successfully completed the delivery and take over of a special utility vehicle EKOMUNAL with an upgrade capacity of 16m3. One more project awarded through public procurement procedure. Satisfied customer is our interest, and product quality is a long-term partner in a sustainable development.

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Celebration of the Tehnix company

Published: 24.06.2019

On the 19th of June our company hosted a celebration of its 28-year existence. The crown of overall success is “The Golden Key award” for the best middle exporter of 2018 with which our company was awarded recently. Starting from a small workshop, the Tehnix company has developed into the leading eco-industry with a total…

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Tehnix panels production

Published: 19.06.2019

It is an extraordinary honor to announce to our co-workers, customers and anyone interested that Tehnix has launched a panel production plant. Accordingly, our website is enriched with a new relevant catalog that you can download at the bottom of the page. We look forward to our cooperation!

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