Horizontal mobile pump

The horizontal mobile pump is a plant which as a product makes a functional unit and has the exclusive purpose of storing fuel to meet the needs of its own motor vehicles with EURO diesel fuel with the lowest flash point temperature above 55 ºC. The pump is mobile, which means it can be moved relatively easy to a new location which meets the regulations for such a station. The mobile oil pump is an installation with an overhead, cylindrical-shaped roller tank. The tank is equipped with fuel pickup equipment and metering of the fuel quantity in the fuel tank. The ladder is designed for authorized personnel only, as it includes the input hole and other tank equipment.At the front, narrow side the tank has a built-in aggregate which makes it a functional unit. The extractor unit is located inside a ventilated cabinet made of sheet with vent holes and on the front side there are doors located, made from wire mesh, which can also be locked. Only authorized persons with a chip card of the user, people who are fully acquainted with the conditions of use, and who have a pump key, can do the dispensing.  Tehnix also offers a variant of mobile oil pumps with aggregate and IT equipment. The system consists of two separate parts. The first part consists of a tank, an aggregate and a computer, all located in the enclosures. In such a set, the system functions fully and meets all the needs of automatic fueling records.

Also, with such a solution, records of fuel in the reservoir, master records (drivers, vehicles …), statistics and similar records are also kept.

The second part is optional. It consists of a dislocated computer that can track the records of dispensing and filling the fuel, update master records and information and make statistical reports. With this component it is possible to work comfortably with the current data directly from the oil pump.

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Technical specification

Type Volume (m3) D (mm) L(mm) Lu (mm) B (mm) H (mm) Hu (mm) Ø (mm)
MNP 5000 5 1600 2820 3840 2170 1700 2600 500
MNP 6000 10 1600 5350 6370 2170 1700 2600 500
MNP 16000 16 1600 8570 9590 2170 1700 2600 500
MNP 20000 20 2000 6960 7980 2410 2100 3100 600
MNP 25000 25 2000 8540 9560 2410 2100 3100 600