Donation of the Company Tehnix

Tehnix held a press conference on 29th of April 2020 regarding the donation of 6 pieces of special containers of corona cabins for the needs of Međimurje County, Čakovec County Hospital, Čakovec Health Center, cities, municipalities and citizens of Međimurje, chaired by Tehnix’s CEO, Mr. Đuro Horvat, who personally handed over the official letter of donation to Mr. Posavec, the Mayor of Međimurje County.

The value of the donation intended for protection and testing against corona virus is HRK 314,218.75.

The conference was convened to present 5 new projects that are designed to protect and prevent the spread of the infectious pandemic corona. These innovative projects cover areas such as: corona protection, infectious waste destruction, earthquake rehabilitation in the City of Zagreb, and presentation of projects that are designed to enable the citizens of the City of Zagreb to remedy the effects of the earthquake as easily as possible.