Reloading station Požarevac, Serbia

Published: 09.04.2020

Tehnix has delivered a complete municipal waste recycling facility for the city and province of Požarevac in Serbia. The plant was installed by the employees of the company Tehnix Belgrade, where we employ 50 workers. This project was funded through an IPA program. The capacity of the plant is 10 tons / hour. The launch…

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Tehnix wishes you a happy and blessed Easter

Published: 07.04.2020

Notice to all business partners.

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Construction of Kindergarten Starigrad in Koprivnica

Published: 06.04.2020

On 03/04/2020 the company signed the contract on construction of kindergarten Starigrad in Koprivnica with the City of Koprivnica. The contract signing ceremony was held at the Koprivnica City Administration together with representatives of the City of Koprivnica, Tehnix d.o.o. and Bistra d.o.o.

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Corporate Social Responsibility of Tehnix

Published: 27.03.2020

Today Tehnix has made a special delivery and handover of a residential container. This is a socially useful gesture of the town Petrinja in collaboration with the company Tehnix. The residential container housed one underprivileged family and thus contributed to the improvement of its living standard.

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GKP PRE-KOM d.o.o. Prelog

Published: 25.03.2020

The company Tehnix signed on 03/02/2020 signed a contract for the purchase of two municipal vehicles with the utility company GKP Pre-kom d.o.o. Prelog based on the decision as the best bidder with the most economical bid in the open procedure for the procurement of special utility vehicles. The official handover of EKOMUNAL municipal vehicles…

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Notice to all suppliers, partners and customers

Published: 25.03.2020

Hereby we inform you that production at Tehnix takes place normally within standard working hours. So far there are no ill or other complications, we have secured a supply of raw materials, we produce our own panels, thus ensuring sufficient production. We have, however, reduced activities abroad. Please, find more details in the attachment.

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Delivery of Tehnix EKOMUNAL vehicle to the island of Šolta

Published: 19.03.2020

Another successful delivery of Ekomunal 7.5 m3 utility vehicle for the utility company Basilija d.o.o. on the island of Šolta. The strength of Tehnix is in its employees and quality innovative products.

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Acknowledgment to the participants of the Tehnix Technology Conference

Published: 17.03.2020

We would like to thank all participants of the Technological Conference of the first Working Group for their responsiveness and quality contribution in order to improve and further develop the system of sustainable municipal waste management in the Republic of Croatia, using those technologies and devices that achieve a greater degree of recycling of municipal…

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Delivery of utility vehicle in Slavonski Brod

Published: 16.03.2020

Tehnix continues its success in the field of utility vehicles Tehnix. Today was performed a successful handover of the new municipal vehicle Ekomunal 16 m3 for the utility company Komunalac d.o.o. Slavonski Brod.

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Mobile corona cabin Tehnix for viral deseases

Published: 13.03.2020

Tehnix innovation in the fight against COVID-19 virus.

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