Mobile Recycling Yard Lepoglava

Published: 23.09.2020

Yesterday, the company Tehnix delivered a mobile recycling yard for the City of Lepoglava. The delivery was made in the presence of representatives of the City of Lepoglava and the company Tehnix in compliance with all epidemiological measures in the open space.

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Recycling Yard Marija Bistrica

Published: 12.09.2020

Today, the Municipality of Marija Bistrica had the grand opening of the recycling yard realized by the company Tehnix. The award ceremony was presented to Tehnix for its contribution to environmental protection and sustainable waste management. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Tehnix and the Municipality of Marija Bistrica.

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The company Tehnix renewed the Orchestral Proscenium of the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin

Published: 04.09.2020

On 3rd  September 2020 year, the company Tehnix delivered and installed the equipment of the mobile platform and the fence wall of the orchestral proscenium for the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin. The project was obtained through a public tender and is of great social importance and value. The ceremonial delivery and installation was attended…

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Kindergarten Varaždin – building in Kućan Donji

Published: 01.09.2020

Yesterday, the Tehnix company was at the grand opening of the Varaždin Kindergarten – Kućan Donji facility. The project was obtained in cooperation with Hidroing d.d. Varaždin, and is co-financed by EU funds, Rural Development Program 2014-2020, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Europe invests in rural areas. The project itself is of great social…

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Delivery to the utility company Baranjska Čistoća

Published: 31.08.2020

Tehnix continues a series of deliveries of Ekomunal municipal vehicles. On Friday, another new municipal vehicle Ekomunal 7.5 m3 was successfully handed over to the utility company Baranjska Čistoća. This is the third vehicle of the Ekomunal Tehnix series in the utility company Baranjska Čistoca, which confirms the functionality and quality of the product.

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Town of Grubišno Polje

Published: 18.08.2020

Today the company Tehnix signed a contract with the town of Grubišno Polje on the delivery of a special municipal vehicle EKOMUNAL with a capacity of 5 m3. The project was won through a public tender and the signing ceremony was held in the conference hall of Tehnix by the Mayor of Grubišno Polje, Mr….

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Official handover in the company Komunalno Topusko

Published: 31.07.2020

On 30th July 2020, the company Tehnix delivered a special utility vehicle TEHNIX EKOMUNAL 16 m3 to the company Komunalno Topusko d.o.o. The ceremonial handover of the vehicle was performed to the director of the utility company, Mr. Kristijan Kuzmić, in the presence of the Mayor of Topusko, Mr. Ivica Kuzmić, and the Mayor of…

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IFIA Award

Published: 06.07.2020

Encouraged by the new situation and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the director of Tehnix, Mr. Đuro Horvat, inventor and innovator is known by his efficient, creative, innovative and socially beneficial solutions for sustainable waste management and water treatment. Invited by the IFIA to apply solutions in the fight against coronavirus, we have announced…

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Second Technological Conference at Tehnix – Adriatic Group

Published: 17.06.2020

The company Tehnix held on 16th and 17th of June this year a Second Technological Conference for the Adriatic Group. We thank to all participants of the conference of the second working group for their response and quality contribution in order to improve and further develop the system of sustainable municipal waste management in the…

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Modular entry point Mirogoj

Published: 10.06.2020

A modular building on the entrance zone within the Mirogoj City Cemetery in Zagreb was delivered and installed on 09.06.2020.

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