7. TEH-PACK containers

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TEH-PACK CONTAINERS The Tehnix TEH-PACK container is extremely suitable for international transport. It has connections for lifting and fixing or compounding.It is designed as light construction consisting of floor, roof frames and corner profiles. Material shipped inside Teh-pack container is packed so as to ensure complete immobility during the transport by all kind of roads. The assembled The-pack units are solid enough to enable transport and handling by ISO means.

Teh-pack modular structures are stored in a “flat pack” compressed configuration with height of 700 mm. The construction is solid enough to enable transport and handling of up to 4 units at the time. Teh-pack modular products are specifically designed for rapid assembly into multi story buildings for use as site offices, labor camps, apartments and much more.

Once no longer needed, Teh-pack modular structures can be easuly dismantled and returned to thrir “flat pack” configuration, and returned to storage for reuse at another time.


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