Cesspit Tehnix is ​​a biological wastewater treatment plant for the protection of nature and man. Including a capacity of 5 to 50 equivalents of inhabitants, it is the ideal solution for your home, business space, smaller catering facility or apartment.  The device adapts to specific operating conditions, depreciates the daily hydraulic load and meets the requirements for larger installation situations. The output quality of the wastewater meets the requirements prescribed by the Ordinance on the Limits of Wastewater Emissions (NN 80/13). The device can be installed in green areas or pavement without affecting the visual appearance of the environment. Cesspit is protected from corrosion by a special color on a plastic base, which also provides resistance to mechanical damage and aggressive media (acids, alkalis). Outside, it is further protected by a V4 waterproofing pasteboard.

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Technical specification

Device tag No. of persons per day Daily inflow l/day Organic load Dimensions (mm) Connecting pipes
BJT-5 Up to 5 500 300 1500x1500x2000 Ø 110
BJT-10 5-10 1000 600 3000x1500x2000 Ø 125
BJT-20 10-20 2000 1200 3000x2000x2500 Ø 160
BJT-30 20-30 3000 1800 4000x2000x2500 Ø 160
BJT-50 30-50 5000 2500 6000x2500x3000 Ø 200