The filter station

When working with the bag openers and the separator of the rotor, dust is emitted in their work area, which pollutes the surrounding air and the atmosphere. Because of this, the bag opening and roto sieve contain 500 mm diameter ventilation ports for air suction into the filter station. The filter station is located within the waste sorting facility. A powerful fan / turbine is used to suck the air out of the bag opener and communal separator of the rotor. Polluted air is sprayed into filter bags where dust particles are filtered. The bags are located inside the filter housing and are suspended on the metal supporting structure.

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Technical specification

The Filter station
Filter station type FS-2 FS-4
Air handling capacity (m3/min) 500 500
No. of bag filters 2 4
Filter cell dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 2250x1650x2500 4500x1650x2500
Suction fan power (kW) 5,5 5,5
Particle propagation (µm) 0,3 0,3