Horizontal baling press

The horizontal baling press is a modern utility for reducing municipal waste. A special construction allows pressing of sorted municipal waste into the bale.


The length of the bale can be adjusted to meet the needs for optimum filling of the transport vehicle space. Binding is a procedure that is performed manually by means of a wire binding mechanism that prevents waste from being dissipated after the pressing process.


The control unit is located on the control cabinet and the press can be operated by it.


The rear cylinder is designed to lower and raise the door that serves as a dam in the pressing process.


The remaining two cylinders can be used to open the lid of the intake chamber and have the task of closing the covers before pressing, and in that case preventing the waste from falling during the pressing process itself.


As an additional protective element, a cage is installed for the purpose of protecting the operator from injuries. It is necessary that the protective mesh is located horizontally to allow the threshing unit to release the hydraulic press and to start the pressing process itself.

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Technical specification

Pressurizer type HPB-25 HPB-35
Press force (kN) 250 350
Baling material Pet, met, foil, paper, cadboard, aluminium, RDF  
Pressing system power (kW) 5,5 11
Bale mass (depends on the material)(kg) 250 400
Bale dimensions (mm) 1000x720x720 1000x820x820
Device dimensions (mm) 5245x1370x2700 5245x1370x2700