Compost roto shredder

The Compost Roto Shredder with a Crane and a track mechanism is a contemporary product developed and manufactured by TEHNIX.

It serves for the smelting of green waste (grass / leaves / pines / branches / shapes / wood mass from recyclable yards, parks and households), thus enabling eco-compost production and quality biomass preparation from green waste.

The machine is equipped with a biotope manipulation device – TE-Crane that enables proper and continuous dosing of waste wood, branches and other green waste to the receiving grotto. Dissolved material (waste wood, branches and other bio-waste) is thawed, sliced ​​and mixed into a homogeneous mixture of uniform qualities and prepared as a fraction for the technological process of biorhythmical composting. The prepared output fraction is dumped in the container or on the pile via an angular chain conveyor.

The Shredder is easy to operate and maintain and is powered by a diesel generator with automatic rotating directional regulation, resulting in a two-sided cutting effect. The drive chassis is located on tracked drives operated by the hydraulic system of the machine.

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Technical specification

Device dimensions (LxWxH) 11000 x 2480 x 3000
Chip knob diameter (mm) Ø 2500
Rotor length (mm) 2500
Number of knives 23
Knife width (mm) 50
Insertion height (mm) 2400
Excretion of the filtered fraction height (mm) 2560
Conveyor belt width of the output fraction (mm) 1000
Generator power (kW) 130
Dosing scale reach (min/max, m) 2,5 / 5,5
Barrel width (open/closed, mm) 700/1650