In order to ensure regular and homogeneous conditions for the decomposition of the compost heap, it is necessary to rotate and moisten the biomass regularly. This is where the Kompostder – the composting pile conveying machine – comes in.

As a result of rotation and moistening, the material is loosened and oxygen penetration is allowed. Microbial activity is once again stimulated, resulting in increased temperature. Due to the penetration of new oxygen into the pile, anaerobic zones, anaerobic processes and stench are prevented. In the course of turning, the dry and humid zones are mixed and the moisture level is equalized. The turning also ensures a higher degree of homogeneity and compost quality.

Rotation is performed by a special pile capsizing machine. The machine has a portal construction with a rotating drum in the middle. The drum itself contains knives placed in a spiral shape. These blades are used for rolling and stacking, and the spiral shape ensures the forming of a trapezoid furrow, as it is the most suitable form for processing biodegradable masses. The height of a drum can be adjusted to allow the machine to adjust to the terrain where the compost pile rotates.

The machine is an independent, diesel-powered aggregate and has a built-in system for further humidification of the composting pile. The system consists of a water reservoir located on the upper side of the machine from which the water is being transferred to nozzles that disperse it into the working area of ​​the machine.

The operator of the machine is located in a closed, glazed cabin positioned on the upper side of the machine with a side access.

Such a position ensures a high-quality work environment. The machine moves with steel crawlers, each of which is driven separately to allow it to rotate around its own axis.

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Technical specification

Device dimensions (L x W x H) mm 3100 x 3620 x 3700
Dimensions (W x H) mm 2800 x 1250
Diesel generator power kW 100
Drum diameter mm 400
Knife height mm 100
Bio generator volume L 1000