Municipal waste containers

Thanks to the simple and light construction, the municipal container Tehnix is the ideal solution for cities, towns, businesses, hospitals, gas stations, markets, hotels, camps, and malls.They are produced according to a DIN standard and customized for stacking which significantly rationalizes the costs of transportation.Solid construction and a long service life.

The basic construction of the container is made of 3 mm thick sheets and stiffened 4 and 5 mm thick sheets.

The exterior is surface. Protected with base and finish paint, while the inner surfaces are protected by salt-, acid- and alkaline-resistant paint.

The Tehnix communal containers come in two variants – open and closed. When closed, the covers are suspended on the springs and closed by a cover screw.

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Technical specification

Container type Length (mm) Width (mm) Floor width (mm) Height (mm)
5 m3 3310 1600 1500 1250
7 m3 3470 1600 1500 1500
10 m3 4100 1850 1700 1750