Vertical mobile oil pump

Serves for picking up, storing, pulling and controlling the ejected amount of fuel through the flow meter. It is intended for diesel fuel (D2), blue oil or flammable liquids of group IIIA.

It is ideal for supplying fuel to work machines at remote construction sites, forestry and other locations located away from commercial fuel pumps.

The design is vertical in one-walled or double-walled versions.

Tehnix offers drives in variants: 12 V, 24 V, 220 V, 400 V (ex version).

The Tehnix dosing pump capacity is 45 L / min for 12 and 24 V drives, and 65 L / min for 220 V drives.

All mobile oil pumps are provided with complete technical, attested documentation, as well as instructions for use, maintenance and servicing!

Mobile oil pumps have a TUV certificate.

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Technical specification

Pump Type Capacity (l) Container dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Flow (l/min)
MNP-500 500 Ø 900 x 800 110 75/100
MNP-1000 1000 Ø 1200 x 1100 180 75/100
MNP-2000 2000 Ø 1500 x 1400 250 75/100