Mobile eco repository

The repository is intended to accommodate special types of waste (problematic waste).

It is made of steel sheet with a tank with a drain for the discharge of any spilled liquids, and covered with a galvanized floor grille over the entire surface with a mesh size of 30 x 30 x 3 mm. The entire storage structure was designed to be manipulated and for this purpose standard grips for the forklift truck and the lifting lugs were created.

The entire repository is protected by primary and final paint.

The complete system is ATTESTED and upon delivery we provide all the necessary documentation.



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Technical specification

Tip spremišta Visina (mm) Širina (mm) Dubina (mm) Volumen tankvane (l)
Tip 1 2700 4000 1500 1200
Tip 2 2700 3050 1300 1000
Tip 3 2700 2550 1300 800
Tip 4 2700 2050 1300 600