Sorting cabins for manual waste disposal

The sorting line for manually separated waste is derived from container units that fit into the sorting tunnel length as needed. Cabins are constructed as container modules connected to a single technological unit – a sorting tunnel. The front and rear cabins are closed at the ends with a panel wall, with a sorting transporter passage that runs through the middle of the sorting tunnel. On both sides of the transporter there are special discharging pipes with a lifting bottom, two exhaust pipes for each worker or four tubes in each cabin. The discharge pipes are used to discharge the sorted, ie hand-picked material into the sorting boxes under the cabin. The tubes also serve as the supportive structure of the sorting transporter. The cabins are ventilated, air-conditioned and equipped with complete electrical installation (lighting, sound, signaling lights, etc.). The discharge tubes have a tilted bottom, and each outlet pipe can be opened or closed individually. Such a system ensures that the sorted material does not fall into the box while the automatic thrust plate is in operation. For access to cabins there are steel staircases with floor, one on each side of the sorting transporter.

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Technical specification

Cabin width mm 4340
Cabin height mm 2800
Cabin length mm 3000
Discharge pipes dimensions (L x W x H) mm 750 x 400 x 900