Flammable liquid storage

The storage is intended for storing flammable mediums in their original packaging. It is made of a steel sheet with a tank which has a drainage outlet for any liquid spilled, and covered with a floored galvanized grid over the entire surface. The storage structure is made in a leakproof design, and the ceiling and walls are isolated. The storage has a shelf at 1400 mm height. On the longer side of the storage there is a double sliding door with locking system. On the side there is a vent for discharging of gases.

The maximum permissible amount of storage of flammable liquids depends on whether they are stored in unbreakable or metal containers.

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Technical specification

Type Dimensions (cm) Permissible storage volume (l) Tank volume (l)
750 200 x 200 x 230 750 – 1500 400
1000 200 x 250 x 230 1000 – 2000 500
1250 200 x 300 x 230 1250 – 2500 600
2000 200 x 400 x 230 1500 – 3000 800