Vertical baling press

Vertical baling press is a modern utility device for the reduction of municipal waste. A special construction allows transformation of sorted municipal waste to bales.

The height of the bale can be adjusted to meet the needs for optimal filling of the transport vehicle space. Binding is a procedure that is performed manually by means of a wire binding mechanism that prevents waste from being dissipated after the pressing process.

The control unit is located on the control cabinet and with it the operator can manually adjust the press.

The press casing consists of the top door, which is used for waste disposal, and the lower door used for extracting compressed waste. The sensors are mounted on the door as an additional protective element that prevents the press from being engaged if all the doors are not closed.

The system drive is carried out via a special pump which enables high compression speed.

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Technical specification

Pressing force kN 100 150 200
Baling material   PET, MET, foil, paper, cardboard, aluminum, RDF
The power of the pressing system kW 2,2 3 4
Bale weight (depending on the material) kg 100 200 250
The dimension of the bale  (L x W x H) mm 600 x 510 x 550 700 x 710 x 650 1000 x 710 x 650
The dimension of the press (L x W x H) mm 950 x 900 x 2800 1040 x 1120 x 3240 1465 x 2440 x 3860